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Friday, September 23, 2011


Mission Statement: 
EQUUS (Écriture en Quête d’Usage)

EQUUS was established in 2011 with the objective of publishing new writing that is innovative and conscious of being doubly marginalised: outside the literary establishment defined by the Anglo-American publishing industry, and outside the confines of nationalism, pursuing a broadly cosmopolitan “agenda” – what has come to be termed “translocal” writing. 

EQUUS believes that such a doubly marginalised position allows for a writing both idiosyncratic and authoritative in its distance from which it can take a stand, make a change, and matter – an ability increasingly rare in titles conforming to the dictates of the book market and tastes of mass readership.

EQUUS considers its mission to offer the possibility of publication to writers and writing that matters, focusing mainly, though not exclusively, on Anglophone writing written outside of its native emplacement.
WEBSITE: www.equuspress.com
CONTACT: editions.equus@gmail.com

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